KAØCDN 6m Beacon

In January 1983 the FCC published a new ruling making unattended beacons legal to operate. Glenn WØIJR (SK) and Karen Schultz KAØCDN turned on the Denver Areas Beacon on 50.065 MHz alternating their call signs monthly. The beacon has run almost continuously since, with Karen KAØCDN placing her call sign permanently on it after Glenn passed away. This past Spring the the old ICOM 551 with an AEA keyer finally gave up for the last time.

Dave, W6OAL, the driving force with Rocky Mountain VHF+ Beacon Consortium, began a project and enlisted the aid of other Rocky Mountain VHF+ operators to help develop and install a new beacon. Others who participated in the project included Don NØYE, Art WØBA, Wayne NØPOH, Scott WØKVA and Mike KD6DDX.

As we get more time, we’ll be documenting the more of the history, developmental process, construction, and installation in words and pictures for all to see. For now we’re celebrating the return of the 50.065 beacon to the air waves on the morning of August 29, 2011.