RMVHF+ Welcome Letter

Dear New Net Check-in,

We’d like to thank you for checking in with us on our weekly Monday evening 2 Meter Net (144.220 MHz) at 8 PM Local time. We hope you will find the time to visit us often and bring questions and comments to the net and its membership. We want to hear from you and what you’re doing and hearing.
Being a rather loose organization, membership constitutes the fact that you live in the Rocky Mountain Region and/or have an interest in VHF activities in which we hope you’ll participate through our many facets of Ham Radio.
Besides the Monday evening 2 Meter Net, which covers an estimated 300,000+ square miles of the nation, we support various activity nights; All taking place at 8 PM local time, Tuesday – 1.35 Meter Band (222.1 MHz), Wednesday – 70 cm (432.1 MHz), Thursday – 23 cm (1296.1 MHz), Friday – 33 cm (902.1MHz), Saturday -13m cm (2304.1 MHz) with other bands being activated during the week such as 3.4, 5.7, 10.3 GHz is usually Sunday evening (and higher). This is a good practice in order to keep our higher band equipment finely tuned in preparation for the next VHF/UHF contest and/or an emergency situation should we be called upon.
We also, support five propagation beacons, four of which are located in the South Park Area (approximate geographic center of Colorado, grid DM79ch) for your use in tuning up receivers and preamplifiers or in general checking of your equipment or to check out propagation. They are on frequencies; 144.282 MHz, 222.055 MHz, 432.360 MHz, and 1296.225 MHz, with the ID; VVV de WØTTT/B DM79bh. The 903.075 MHz beacon is in Fort Collins – WØBA/B. If you have any questions about the net or the group in general please contact one or all of the Net Control Stations: