Rocky Mountain VHF Plus Net Overview

Rocky Mountain VHF Plus Net Overview

Time: Monday evenings, 8 PM (20:00) Mountain Time

Frequency: 144.220 MHz

Net Purpose

The purpose of the net is to:

  • Promote 2 meter weak-signal (SSB, CW) activity (local and DX)
  • Disseminate useful and pertinent information on VHF+ radio activity
  • Enable long distance contacts with distant stations and stations in rare grid squares

Checking Into the Net

This net welcomes any and all radio amateurs to check in. This net is an excellent opportunity for VHF SSB operators to check out their equipment, work some new grids and say hello to their fellow VHF+ enthusiasts.

Net Format

The Net Control Station is normally located in the greater Denver area. The NCS will first call for local check-ins in the greater Denver area.

Then the NCS uses the “by the clock” method of looking for more distant stations. That is, the NCS will first point North at the top of the hour, then East at 15 minutes past the hour, then South at half past, and West at 45 minutes past the hour.

When a distant station checks in, the NCS will usually ask if anyone on the net wants to work that station. This gives everyone an opportunity to work a few new grids.

Tips on Net Participation

  • When you check in, give your call sign, name and location.
  • All kinds of stations check in…”big guns”, “little pistols”…most from their home location, but some are mobile. Use a horizontally-polarized antenna if you can since it will give you the best signal. However, feel free to check-in using a vertical antenna.
  • Be aware that you may not hear all of the stations that check into the net. Follow the directions of the NCS to avoid interfering with other stations.